What to Do

Sometimes the best thing to do on Nantucket is nothing at all. This island is one of those places that seems like God’s prescription for whatever ails the modern soul. Search for things to do here.

Plenty of choices


Nantucket’s best natural resource are its beaches and pristine waters, but only a small portion of the island’s beaches are publicly-owned. more >

On the Water

For pleasure boaters or sailors making their first cruise to Nantucket, the site of the Congregational Church steeple and rooftops rising above the horizon before the town itself can be seen, landfall on Nantucket is a special feeling. more >

Biking & Trails

With gasoline approaching $4 a gallon and traffic that seems to rival New York City at rush hour, Nantucket Island would seem the perfect place for visitors to take their transportation into their own hands, or at least their own feet. more >


Nantucket has been involved in eco-tourism since long before the term was invented. The island is a particularly attractive spot for visitors who want to learn more about the world they live in while enjoying more traditional vacation... more >


It is likely that the first Europeans to discover Nantucket were the Norsemen in the tenth or eleventh century. Then in 1602, Bartholomew Gosnold sighted the island while on a voyage, and since then has been credited with “discovering Nantucket.” more >

Art & Museums

Nantucket is home to a thriving arts community that is unique in many ways to arts communities at other resort locations. more >

Fishermen try their luck along Miacomet Beach.

Inquirer and Mirror photo